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Constipation is a very common ailment which is seen in every other person nowadays due to bad bowel and irregular eating habits. I am also prone to a very erratic constipation which has just eaten up my body and made me feel weak but I have found a wonderful solution to it by collecting some of the useful points that will definitely help people like me who are suffering from the same syndrome.
1) Drink Loads of water
Water has an amazing property to resolve not only constipation but various other daily diseases as well. It has hidden fiber and oxygen amount which adds an enough of lubrication to the dry stool hence making it loose and easy to come out through the anal.
2) Eat Prunes
Prunes have a lot of fibre and sorbitol content which again makes a proper bowel giving a healthy and regular grip to the stomach.
3) Have Caster Oil
Caster oil can do miracle for a stomach and intestine as it has nutrients and some soluble compounds that has a great instant effect on constipation.
4) Apples
It is one of the best ways to prevent a chronic constipation with its nutrient and mineral property.
5) Regular exercise
A regular workout can have miracle in solving this problem, atleast a workout of 30 secounds or a min will bring the change.
Hope this article helped you out for a better stomach as health is wealth!
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