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World water day is celebrated with utmost respect and honor on 22nd march which is today. This day is marked as one of the most important day in the calendar as it aims on the value of water in different forms. It is celebrated and believed in every corner of every country .Moreover there are various campaigns, workshops, educational events to support the day globally. First ever international water day took its step in the year 1993 with a wise motive of preserving this very vital source of living for the future.
Water is an inorganic compound which completes our life in endless aspects be it cleaning, bathing, washing, drinking and many more activities. But there are various bad sides that is engulfing this compound in a cruel way, Lets see what are the types of water pollution that needs to have a check.
• Surface water pollution
This includes the pollution of the water related problems that are man-made and occur over the ground that includes streams, lakes and rivers which gets polluted due to the waste materials that comes from factories and houses.Note: It can be eliminated with individual efforts that include not throwing of waste into the water instead it can be dumped into a dustbin
• Chemical Water Pollution
Industries and Farmers work with chemicals and pollute the nearby water bodies with its harsh and toxicated substances.Note: This mishap can be improved if there are proper preventive measures taken which includes collecting the chemicals and throwing it somewhere else.
• Oxygen Depleting
There are certain amount of microorganisms in the water which takes its route when biodegradable matter is flushed down in the water body.Note: Using paper bags and jute bags instead of plastic bags is the best way to eliminate it.
Moving on to the methods of storing water and utilizing it
• Rain Water Harvesting
This method is one of the best ways to store rain water by filtering it and keeping it in a pot or bucket. It can be utilized for further water related purpose.
• Keeping the water taps closed
At times people do their regular activities and forget to close the respective water taps which gives birth to water scarcity and other water dearth. So for saving water every tap should be closed
• Artificial ponds
Having artificial ponds within a house compound can be very beneficial and up to mark.
” To a Thirsty man, a drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold.”Save water and enrich every bit of it!
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