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Style comes from fashion and the way a trend is applied on us. Be it in the form of dress, accessories or a random throw by experimenting new things. Well nowadays feather is combined with a thing and bought in to a new fashion half which somehow has made a bang on flaw over every corner and pavement. So we have summed up such feather fashion creatives for you.
1) Feather Earings
This is something which every girl owes I am sure be it a chic or traditional one.
2) Feather Dresses
In this category you will get to see long dresses, skirts etc made of feather and beads that looks crazily beautiful.
3) Feather necklace
If you want to have an artistic as well as flowy neckpiece that looks absolutely stunning then do try a neck piece made of feather.
4) Feather shoes
Planning for an outing or an occasion, take a check over a feather judded shoes.
5) Feather Clutch
It would be one of the sexiest thing you can carry with you that will increase your attitude and panache.
Keep it stylish!
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