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March 21 is popularly known as the ‘Iranian or Persian’ new year day.It marks the home coming of the spring season which also follows the day getting longer and night getting shorter. It also predicts the first day of the first month in the Iranian calender. This festival is widely ritualized by the Persians all over the world with a geographical arc which includes vernal equinox. This day depicts beginning of a new bright day.
The traditional belief follows certain important things which includes
•‘Sabzeh’ that is wheat, barley, mung bean,it symbolizes rebirth.
• ‘Samanu’ which is a sweet pudding made with wheat germ, it symbolizes affluence.
• ‘Senjed’ or dried Persian olive symbolizes love.
• ‘Seeb’ or apple symbolizes beauty.
• ‘Seer’ means olive which symbolizes medicine and health.
• ‘Serkeh’ or vinegar symbolizes old age and patience.
A Persian new year is also known as “Nowruz” which means light. This festival is practiced since 3000 years by the Western Asia, Central Asia, the Caucuses and the Balkan people.
An auspicious day for every Persian that lightens and brightens the environ with peace and harmony..
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