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Lipstick Under My Burkha is a feature film which shows four ordinary woman and their secret aspects of life with a pinch of drama into it. This movie also focuses the female over patriarchy of the society adding very clean and neat presentation of characters.
It is said that the movie have not been passed by the censor hence giving it a “Banned” sign which was a thing of concern but now that the director takes the movie to the very famous “Glasgow film festival” people of Scotland have appreciated the story line and the screenplay
She said “I felt so encouraged, and I felt so hopeful. I felt like the people of Glasgow were giving me the strength and courage to soldier on,”
She also added “I am determined to win this battle. And I keep going back to the thought that there are all these Scottish people who are rooting for the film to win through this. My gratitude for that support is hard to express in words. The Glasgow Film Festival will be etched in my memory forever.”
This is not the end.. she is also invited to present her piece of artwork in the ‘Edinberg Asian Film Festival’ which is actually a big gift for the director.
We are proud of the movie making effort and so should be the Bollywood censor board! What are your views mention in the comment box.
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