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Deccan Chronicle has to face Hrithik Roshan’s temper to publish fake news about him. on 5th June this famous publication published that this Bollywood actor misbehaved with a female fan when she entered in his private gym and tried to click some selfie with the star.
As per the news, Hrithik misbehaved with the fan and snatched her phone and deletes all pictures which she clicked.
Hrithik is always known for his polite behaviour and humbleness. He got angry when he came to know about this news.
Here is the news …
Hrithik responded in a smart way…
But not only the actor his fans are also commenting in support of him.
This is the first time when a media published something against Hrithik Roshan, who never involves in any kind of controversial situations with his fans. It’s the first time and every fan is in support of him.
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