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Calcutta or Kolkata city grabs in a beautiful earthy space in its surface and surrounding with some of the places that were build decades ago during ‘British raj’ but is still very fresh and gorgeous. The artistic pillars or the artifacts that are wore and faded yet they have a hidden history behind its every tinkle. Well here are few of the epic Kolkata sites that will take you to a different aura and bliss filled valor.
1) Shantiniketan
This is a small town in the inner ‘Bolpur’ village district which is located in “Birbhum” West Bengal. It was constructed by the great ‘Rabindranath Tagore’s father ‘Maharshi Devendranath Tagore’ and later was taken in charge by himself. The entire environ is loaded with the ‘Tagore leftovers’ be it the three houses of the family, clothes, ornaments and more which are preserved as it is in a “Museum”. There are much more than this.A must visit!
2) Eden Gardens
It is one of the oldest ‘Cricket Stadium’ of Calcutta built in 1864.It has a ginormous space for the spectators with well build corners and mids.
3) Kalighat Kali Temple
This temple took its birth in the early 19th century. It is one of the 51 shakti peethas which makes it more known on the spiritual ground. Its shrine is visited and worshipped by loads of people from Calcutta and outside both.
4) Victoria Memorial
A monumental masterpiece which was built in the British period and was dedicated to “Queen Victoria. It has almost 25 galleries with spacious balcony and equipment’s of that time placed beautifully inside the galleries. For more have a stay over the place.
5) Black Hole
Black Hole of Calcutta is a cell that is located in ‘Fort William’. It was build to protect the ‘East India Company’ intact. This torture space makes goosebumps all over the body whenever you make a visit.
If you are really planning for a Calcutta swing do have a peep in over these major spots, I am sure you will make several anecdotes at a time..
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