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A fountain is an arrangement mostly used as a decorative purpose where water spills from the source and fills the basin placed underneath it and gets drained away. Fountains are the remarkable piece of art and are comprised of various materials like stone, metal, concrete or any other. The fountains are even considered as sculptures and are installed in small ornamental ponds, formal garden pools, basins, historic places and more. The bigger they are, the more beautiful and colorful it gets. There are special presentations of these fountains which are beautiful and creative and lead one who sees it could possibly become his/her awe struck moment for some time. There are various fountains of different sizes and shapes which hold different attributes. We travel places and get to see them in almost every city. Below down, we look at some of the most innovative fountains around the world.
1. Merlion Front, Singapore:
Merlion is the mascot and personification of Singapore and you can see it appear elsewhere through the city. No one misses getting clicked with Merlion Front when they are in Singapore. It is a half lion and half fish sculpture which spew water out from its mouth looking on to the marina bay. This 28-foot tall water fountain attracts thousands of tourists throughout the day and night and is one of the most innovative and creative water fountains you will ever see.
2. The Giant at Swarovski Crystal Worlds, Austria:
It is one of the best engineering marvels you get to see. This sculpture was inaugurated in 1995 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Austrian-based crystal manufacturing company. The Giant fountain is covered with grass and serves as the entrance to the crystal museum. This place is known for hosting the ‘music in the giant festival’ where people gather from entire Austria and the world to be part of this ritual.
3. The Fountain of Wealth, Singapore:
Located in Singapore’s Suntec City Mall, it is one of the massive water fountains spread over 18,000 square feet of land. Fountain of youth is the finest example of manmade wonders. It sports a bronze ring whose circumference is a whopping 216 feet which add to its beautiful yet authentic look. It is said that touching the water from the fountain is considered good luck. During nights, it comes up with a mesmerizing water, and light show with music and hundreds of people gather there just to get the glimpse of it.
4. Tap Fountain at Santa, Spain:
Tap fountain simply looks like your normal taps but just thousand times bigger. The locals call it the magic tap as it is hard to figure out from where the tap is getting all that support. It is like the tap is just floating in the air and the water is running through it. It is one of the finest examples of how creative and artistry humans can get.
5. Crown Fountain, Illinois:
It is one of the interesting and entertaining water fountains you can see. It sports 2 fifty-foot glass towers separated by a pool where people come to enjoy hot summers. During the nights, it becomes something else as it showcases the LED videos of the Chicago residents.
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