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Love is an excellent feeling and gives you everything beyond your expectations. But, sometimes, that extra is harmful to our relationship. There is a fragile line between a caring behavior and possessive attitude. It is need of the hour for guys to understand and fill this gap otherwise in future they can lose their beautiful relationship. A guy always calls their possessive behavior as love and care, but when your love is becoming a torture for your partner, and then it is not love. Your over possessive attitude makes it hard for your partner to express their real opinions and feelings. A possessive attitude develops in guys because they are insecure about their women. It may sound cute that he cares a lot, but at times it’s irritating and exhausting. So, here are the tips to handle your over-possessive boyfriend.
1. Try to make things clear: -
If you have a boyfriend who is possessive, try to clean out things with him. Get him understand that you are truly in love with him and will never leave him. Introduce him to guy friends so that he can build equations with them. When you will do this, he will not become over-protective and insecure.
2. Inform him: -
If you want your relationship to last long, then it’s better to do small things to keep it safe. Inform him where ever you go whether you are going with your male friend or female friend. Never ignore their calls or messages when you are out and make them feel that they are equally important for them. If you ignore him, he will keep wondering what you are doing? If he finds you with your male friend, he can take you wrong. So better be transparent and don’t hide anything which if he comes to know afterwards, he might feel very bad.
3. Make him believe that there’s nothing to feel insecure: -
Maybe your boyfriend’s experience has made him possessive, or perhaps he fears to lose you. Tell him that he is equally important to you and get him to trust you that there’s nothing to worry about and you belong to him only.
4. Express your love for him: -
When your boyfriend is possessive about you, tell him how much you love him, and nothing can come between you both.
5. Include him when you plan outings with your friends: -
By introducing him to your friends will make him trust that there’s nothing to be worried. They feel possessive when you go without informing them or have a good time with your male gang. This creates insecurity, jealousy and makes them possessive. So, it’s better to take them with you.
6. Pay more attention to him around your male friends: -
If you don’t want any mess, then give more attention to your partner especially when your other male friends are with you. It will make him believe that there’s nothing to worry about and will not make him over-protective.
7. Don’t talk about other guys when you are around him: -
Take care whenever you are with him. Don’t talk to your other guy friends as this make them feel less important.
If your boyfriend is possessive and you are uncomfortable with this behavior of him, then breaking up with him is not a solution. Rather, follow these tips to handle is possessiveness and make your love last forever.
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