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The word night sounds scary and creates fear inside us. No doubt we enjoy a lot being alone but during the evening we behave like a kid. Isn’t it funny? We want our parents or someone to stay with us so that we are not afraid of being alone. People those who are scared of being alone are internally weak and unable to take care of themselves. It is natural to be scared in some situations like dark in the night creates a haunted environment. I accept that to be scared is a natural human tendency but this should not affect your daily functioning as not every time you will have someone around you to protect. The habit of being scared can affect your health also as it will create disturbance in your sleep, high heartbeats, high blood-pressure, etc. Here are some tricks to deal with the fear when you are alone in the night.
1. Meditation: -
Daily meditation is very much helpful to deal with fear. It awards you with your surroundings and serves inner peace.
2. Keep lights on: -
Keep your night lambs on as it will reduce your fear and anxiety. Another benefit is that you will have a peaceful sleep.
3. Distract yourself: -
When you feel scared, try to distract your mind as it is one of the best ways to deal with being scared. Read good books before sleep as this will divert your whole focus on the story of the book and you will forget your fear.
4.Take a warm bath: -
Bath is helpful in dealing your fear as when we take shower our body temperature raises and after bath body temperature reduces. The moment your body temperature lowers instantly you fall asleep. So, take a warm bath especially when you are alone.
5. Keep a pet: -
If you are frightened of staying alone in a night, then keep a pet of your choice with you. Now don’t tell me that you are scared of pets also! Pets are the best creatures who can give the best company to you in your dark nights.
6. Be positive and think logically:
Our parents always try to keep our positivity as positivity is the key to winning over any fear or any problem. When you are alone and find yourself under cover of the fear, then try to think logically that what is the root of your fear and stay optimistic. Trust me, in the end, you will find that fear was a just lemon in your head and there’s nothing scary or harm to stay alone at night.
7. Try to avoid Midday nap: -
Avoiding midday nap will be very much helpful for you. Because of the midday nap you might not be able to sleep properly in the night. You will sleep comfortably without any scary thoughts if you will avoid midday naps. Taking long naps in mid-day make you less able to fall asleep during the night and thus your energy and mind is diverted towards negative thoughts. So if you want to keep yourself away from fear then try this!
Be brave! Be bold! Fear is nothing but just a misconception in your mind. Overcome it with these tips!
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