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If you don’t have any Bengali aka Bong guy friends then you’re missing a great fun from your life. Having a bong guy friend means you’re with a guy who will never ask you to compromise with food…you can eat whatever you want to without thinking about your figure.
Here are some good benefits of a bong boyfriend…
1. He is a foodie
If you’re a foodie girl and you love to taste each and every sweet in your favourite restaurant but worried about your increasing weight and about your boyfriend's warnings to stay away from sweets. Girl, you’re with a wrong guy. A bong guy will never say his girl to compromise with foods.
2. He can sing a song for you
No, every bong guy is not a well-trained singer but they can sing for their love anytime anywhere as they are a true lover and can do anything to make their love happy.
3. He is modern but at the same time traditional too
From Diwali to Christmas he celebrates every festival with you but when it comes to Bengali festival he will surely wear a ‘Panjabi’ to get the Bengali look. Trust me he looks more handsome in Bengali outfits.
4. He can also cook for you
Being a foodie he loves to experiment in cooking. You know what does it mean…yes, you’ll get time to watch your favourite series while he is cooking your favourite dish in the kitchen.
5. He loves his girl more than anything
A Bong guy is always a mamma’s boy and he loves his mother more than anything. He knows how to respect a woman and give the same respect to his wife.
If you want to enjoy your life be with a bong guy!
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