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Mystical, alternative realist and magic-realist, boisterous, flamboyant filled with romanticism are some of my most loved themes that I have learnt to understand over the years. These books have changed my perspective with their complex prose and better description which I can’t find anywhere else in literature. Here is why a list of five books in my shelf is worth read!
1. The Museum Of Innocence By Orhan Pamuk
If you have lost the love and its remnants still linger, then there is nothing as great as reading this audacious novel. The grand novel details about a man’s obsession with his lost love in Istanbul who is yet to come out of his terms.
2. The God Of Small Things By Arundhati Roy
Sultry and steamy as the characters may be, this book never ages, its plot has everything from subtle politics to the vigour of childhood that one can recognize from intense noticing. Roy has recently introduced a new novel after 20 years later but who can forget her first book that also won Booker Prize.
3. Half A Life By VS Naipaul
This was the first book which hit me to the core as the author gives the example of transcontinental power. It has such a sad ending. Naipaul’s writing needs no introduction. This Indian author has written several books over the years and a have also won number of awards.
4. The Painter of Signs By R.K Narayan
This novel by Indian master R.K Narayan portrays a wretched painter’s love for a family-planning activist and gives us a lesson, how as humans, we freely tempt loss into our lives.
5. This Is Not That Dawn By Yashpal
It has been always my intense curiosity to know the intricacies about the partition that left the two nations into tatters. This novel has done justice with the topic, showing detail by detail how things take shape after partition happened. Published a dozen years after the event, this is one the greatest Indian novel written.
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