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We use toothpaste on regular basis for cleaning our teeth and keep our gums healthy and plaque as well as cavity free. It is a must in our daily after all no one wants to smell bad or have a teeth problem. But that is not all there are many other interesting and wacky facts about this stuff which will make you bite your nails for sure.Have a look!
1) Toothpaste took its birth in India, Egypt and China at very first about 7000 years earlier.
2) Long time decades ago the romans used urine to make toothpaste as urine has a good amount of ammonia which is the best property to clean teeth. I know its kinda nasty but its very true. There were other ingredients into this as well like oyster shells, crushed bones etc but urine was a key ingrident.
3) Another fact which is bit weird would be the toothpaste used by the Egyptians is made of burnt egg,ashes of burnt ox hooves and more of the peculiar things.
4) Before 1850 toothpastes used to come in a powdery form. Which later on was processed and it came in liquidy form.
5) In 1850’s chalk was also added at times from where it took its colour, which is very unknown for people who use it.
6) At last but not the least tootpaste has fluoride compound which is a helpful element for cleaning silver products like accessories, metal locks etc.
Too amusing isn’t it!
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