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Islamic culture architectural pieces have given us some of the spectacular examples with its ingenious work be it the painted floors or the carvings over the crown of a tomb type structure, each and every wall crafting’s show us how much masterwork is applied over it. The arc, precisions with a touch of Arab is just bliss to watch and feel into our hands. To be more specific, let’s take a look at some of such mind blowing examples from all over the world.
1) ‘Chefchaouen’ or the ‘Blue City’ in Morocco
It’s a city in the Spanish morocco part and is basically situated over the ‘Rif Mountains’. Its blueish roads and build ups are very eye catchy and a beauty to go through.
2) Montaza Palace, Alexandria, Egypt
This is a beautiful palace located in Egypt which was dedicated to ‘King Fuad 1’.The best attraction about this place is that it is situated at the Mediterranean sea. It looks absolutely lavish and royal.Have a look!
3) Burj Al Arab,Dubai
It is one of the most luxurious stays in the entire ‘Dubai’ country. Its interiors offer you a king size living with an amazing architecture all over its environ.
4) Jameh Mosque of Isfahān, Isfahān, Iran
It is a beautiful spiritual shrine developed decades ago. It has set of Persian architecture sprinkled all over its inner.
5) The Alhambra, Andalusia, Spain
Gardens, fountains, palace and forts surround the area on a whole.Its artistry can be seen in every tinkle which is an add on a for the tourists.
Truly mesmerised by such splendour what about you? Mention in the comment box.
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