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Carrying a vanity or a back pack everyday is not enough atleast for girls. Its equally important as your daily task or work that you do for your living. So keeping that in mind here are some of the important stuffs that should be there in a girls bag.
1) Safty Pin
Keeping a bunch of safety pin in your bag can have many advantages be related to your clothes or helping someone else fix a problem that has this tiny thing involved.
2) Band Aids
This is a medical kit essential which is very important for your everyday.As no matter how or what kind of wound you get.A band aid can heal that very quick.
3) Hand Sanitizer
Going outside and putting your hand over unwanted things can be little unhygienic so having a hand sanitizer with you is great.
4) Wet wipes
This is another thing which is a must, especially in the summers to soak up the extra dirt and sweat on a face.
5) Wallet
Moving out without your money case can be really problematic.So always keep this stuff with you.
6) Mosturizer
If you skin is getting dry while you are working somewhere. Keep a mosturiser with you, apply it whenever you feel like and you are good to go.
7) Earphone
Listening music is something that everyone loves so have your earphones with you in that case.
8) A Perfume or Deodrant
Nobody wants to stink so perfume or deo is a must in a girls bag.So don’t forget to have one.
So what are your essentials? Mention it in the comment box..
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