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Bollywood movies or most popularly known as “The Hindi Cinema” have given us endless movies which are covered in spice, romance, humor, tragedy, action and some of the extraordinary acts that surely makes us lie laughing or cry and laugh at the same time but the fun is unlimited provided by the actors. Moreover here are some of the best dialogue delivery that will make your rib tease to the most.
1) Sholey“Kitne Aadmi The” (How many guys were there)
This dialogue was said by very famous actor ‘Amjad Khan’ as he wanted an explanation for certain reason in the movie.
2) 3 Idiots“Khujli Wali Roti” (Itch filled Roti)
In this dialogue the conversation was about a character “Raju” in the movie that was from a very poor family. His father was a post master but was paralysed and having ‘Eczema’ for which he was having hair fall and her mother was cooking for her friends once and the hair came into the food which made them eek.
3) Dabang“Hum tumme itne ched karenge ki tum confuse ho jaogekisaaskha se le aurpadekha se” ( I will do so many holes in your body that you will get confused from where to breadth and from where to fart )
In this dialogue Salman Khan is saying this to his enemy or the villain “Chedi Singh” in the movie.
4) Hera Pheri“Agar Subah subah sandas jaana hai to singer banna padega kyuki kundi nahin hai re”
This dialogue was said in the movie by Paresh Rawal as he plays a role of landlord and he is selling a room for rent to a guy who is in search of room saying this.
5) Hungama“Main koi mandir ka ghanta nahi ki jo aaye baja jaata hai”
It is said by the very famous comedian “Rajpal Yadav” when a gang of criminal beat him very hard for no reason.
6) Rowdy Rathore“Jo main bolta hu wo main karta hu and jo main nahi bolta wo main definitely karta hu”
This is a humorous dialogue said by “Akshaykumar” as a cop to the villain. The entire movie has fun and surprises.
Do you have some weird dialog about movies in your mind? Mention in the comment box.
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