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Perfumes usually have a long lasting effect in comparison to a Deodorant as it has some of the special combination all mixed up together which includes essential oils, solvents, natural substance and more. It is a bit expensive but worth it for daily use. It makes you smell amazing all day long. But it needs to be applied in a proper way and direction to have that essence. So let’s see some of the hacks related to that.
1) Rub Vaseline before putting up the perfume
A petroleum jelly is occlusive and a transparent pigment which helps hold the perfume the entire day.Great!
2) Apply the particular perfume at the back side of the earlobs
This hack is much known and is one of the best ways to make you feel fresh as that part is untouched so it carries the perfume very well.
3) Spray it on your hair
Yes it sounds a bit awkward that why hair! It can be damaged but it does have a beneficial point for the perfume users.
4) Smear the perfume directly after your shower
Put the perfume as soon as you take your shower or bath as it locks the scent in your body giving you a rejuvenated feel.
5) Target the warm points of your body to apply
The pulse points in your body include the neck, wrist, inside your elbows, behind your knees, below your midriff and your ankle and calves.
Wear your perfume like a master and smell great!
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