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It is no wonder that our parents find today’s dating and relationship rituals a complete waste of time. On the other hand, most of the modern relationships end up in breakups and divorces. There is no doubt that the modern day dating has changed the concept of love and relationships. The lifestyle changes and technology has changed the rules of dating and relationships. The way we choose our partners is now entirely different from the way our parents and forefathers did. Breaking up and patch up is just normal now days. We are not ready to sacrifice, commit and compromise. A healthy relationship is all about your investment of time and commitment. Love is not all that is required to make the relationship work, and that is what modern day relationships need to look at. So, are modern relationships changing for worse or better? Let’s find out.
1. Nowadays everybody is in a relationship which says “it’s complicated”:
In the past, you were either single or dating; there was nothing in between it. But today, people have categorized their relationships under something which is harder to explain. There are a lot of rules in dating now, the rules which are harder to explain to the older generation. The definition of romantic relationships has changed. First, there is sex, and then the couple thinks about whether they are in love or not.
2. Technology has helped in bringing people closer
Online dating is a big boom these days, and with the likes of smartphones and the internet, it has made a lot easier for people to find a date. In the older days, people socialized the most, they enjoyed going out meeting people, and that’s how they get to meet new people and if lucky, their date. Today, people are spending a lot of their time in the digital world, cutting themselves off from the outside world. This is the biggest mistake today’s generation do, they lack in social skills, and it reflects in their relationship also.
3. Breakups are easier than finding a date:
There is nothing bad in breaking up if it is mutual or the partners don't seem to hit off, or their interests were different, or they wanted different things from each other. People used to break up face to face in privacy, and it was considered a healthy approach as even though you have hurt your partner’s feelings, but you have the courage to tell it in front of him/her. On the other hand, in a modern day relationship, you can breakup over a text message, simple as that. No worries, no regrets, no nothing.
4. People delaying their marriages:
The early 20s was considered an ideal age for someone to get married. But, this concept has changed over the course of time. Nowadays, people are more career oriented and didn’t want to settle down too soon. It is like ‘I am not ready’, ‘I need more space and time to think’ and all. Marriage is only becoming optional for the people. And with the likes of live-in relationships, people think that there is no reason to get married if we are already living together. They also become parents before even getting married. The definition of having a romantic relationship is changing day by day.
5. Same sex dating:
One of the benefits of modern day dating and relationships is that people of the same sex are finding it easier to come out of their comfort zones and speak for their rights and liberty. Now days, it is more common to see the same-sex couples holding their hands and showing a public display of affection.
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