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Many of you must not know about hoovering and narcissists so, here in this piece of writing I will tell you some of the narcissist Hovering tactics.Hoovering is a word that is used to describe a narcissist who is trying to reconnect with you after some time of separation. It generally happens when you are not making contacts. The narcissist is a term used for toxic and insane people who think that the world revolves around them. They don’t care about others. They can do anything for their needs and wants. The narcissist personality can miss you for any reason but not for the grounds that you want them to miss you. They may miss you because they want someone with whom they can be in the time of scarcity.
1. Fallacious worry: -
The erroneous worry is where the narcissist's personality show worry for your welfare and pretends to be a kind and sincere person. The Narcissists use this way to hide their true intentions behind the reconnection. They try to show extra care and love so that you trust them easily and come under the trap of their false concern.
2. To re-connect, they make excuses: -
A Narcissist’s personality is very smart and alert. They work according to their will and situation. In the beginning, I have already mentioned that they will do anything to reconnect. They will leave their things at your place or will not return your objects so that in future it’s easy for them to reconnect with you quickly.
3. Writes a letter saying sorry: -
Saying sorry is a very common thing. We say sorry for anything without meaning it indeed. A narcissist does the same thing. They quickly apologize for their mistakes and hurt they have caused to you. In this apology letter, you will get everything except the proof of their change.
4. Pretends to be a victim: -
The Narcissists pretend to be a victim and try to gain the attention and concern of yours. They will present things in such a way that you will start feeling sorry for them. Mostly such people talk about their ill health or family issues or financial problems so that they can quickly gain your attention through their fake list of crisis.
5. By recalling old memories: -
Whenever we remember our good old days, we start feeling nostalgic and get attracted towards those moments as well as the people with whom those memories are created. The hovering strategy of the Narcissists tries to drag you in your memories and moments which you have shared together. They share some code things which you either can only understand. They will text you some heartfelt messages of saying that thinking about after watching our favorite movie or anything. Knowingly they try to play with your sentiments and emotions.
6. Messages send mistakenly: -
Sending messages mistakenly is another smart tactic of narcissists to hoover and manipulate you. They pretend to send messages mistakenly which are of urgency. Such texts are sent with a purpose to you so that you reconnect with them instantly thinking of the emergency.
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