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Parenting defines the shape and perfect route about life given by our parents. The type of upbringing which follows from our childhood to adulthood shows in our speech so it’s very important for parents to provide knowledge in the right way with a soft tone. Here are some of the parenting styles that researchers have come across in their studies.
1) The Discipline Strategy
This behavior is seen very commonly in parents who have a particular thought process for their child. Every time when something goes wrong there are strict pointers given which can be exhausting at times.
2) The Uninvolved Parenting
In this type, parents tend to neglect and ignore the important talks by the child and they may lack knowledge at times about what is right and where things are going wrong. Basically they expect their child to raise themselves without their advice. Least amount of parent attention is involved.
3) Permissive Parenting
They are very lenient and understand each and every say of a child in the best way. They also give some apt suggestions that give a sense of happiness and motivation to the child.
4) Authoritative Parenting
As the name suggests, parents want their children to follow whatever they say and do but there are exceptions as well. Consequences are provided instead of punishment which gives a clear view to the children of how to take proper decision. In an addition extra safety rules are also given to the child.Children’s who are bought up in the shelter of these type of parents have a broader perspective about life.
So what type of parents do you have guys?
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