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Viola was nominated twice in the Oscars previously in 2009 for her movie ‘Doubt’ as ‘Best supporting actress’ and in 2012 for ‘The help’ as ‘Best actress’ but she succeeded in grabbing one in this year’s Oscars for her movie ‘Fences’ which was a great proud as well as emotional moment for her..
Viola Davis is an American actress and producer who is not only renowned for her work but her simplicity and stand towards the Hollywood film industry created a benchmark among others. Whenever she wins one,there are several words that come from her within. Every time she lands on the stage, her speech is more than commendable. Viola is a true master in her work..
Here we have jotted some more of the facts about this ingenious lady..take a look..
1) In the very beginning of her carrier at 1999 she grabbed an award for her performance as ‘Ruby Mccollum’ in “Everybody’s Ruby”.
2) She played several supporting roles in TV as well as films with an excellent arc in the storyline.
3) Movies like Kate and Leopard,far from heaven,Doubt were a leading ladder in her life which made her have several nomination for her act.
Viola took the Oscar stage like a boss with her outstanding speech which quoted her saying “You know, there is one place that all the people with the greatest potential are gathered and that’s the graveyard”
We are proud of you lady…you still have a long way to go!
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