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Travelling needs no specific time, date or place to sit for hours and decide. It comes from your instinct which takes you towards your favorite destination with loads of fun and excitement in your heart. Everytime you have thoughts in your mind of peace,birds chirping in low tone,wave hitting your toes and scenic beauty at its best,Going to a beach trip is an epic way to cherish those feelings. Here we are mentioning some of the most gorgeous beach destinations from all over the world.
1) Turks and Caicos
It is rated one of the best travel islands by trip advisor. This place has almost 40 islands and cays. It is located in the southeast of ‘Mayaguana’ of ‘Bahamas’.
2) Riveira Maya
This beach stop is located at a stretch of the carribean coast and mainly is a part of ‘Mexico’.It is totally surrounded by fresh blue water and in the outers you will get to experience small hut like structures with pine tress.An absolute paradise!
3) Kovallam
Kovallam is located in kerela or ‘Gods own country’. It is all loaded with palm backed beaches. Over here the shores speak its beauty and serenity.
4) Goa
This destination is mostly visited by people from India and outside due to its modish city view as well as the beautiful beachy environment.
5) Fiji
Fiji is located in south pacific, it has 300 islands sprinkled over 20000 square miles. Over here you can experience the tropical rain forests as well, this is a great plus point to lay into the nature.
What’s your choice of holidaying? Mention in the comment box..
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