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Steve Jobs is a genius name in the tech diaries due to his incredible contribution with his brand “Apple” which made its launch long ago in the year 1976 with several fresh ideas which are still coming in loop. Begining with a simple wooden piece work to apple I phone 7. This individual is more than a prodigy to look and learn. Lets see some of the hidden facts about him to know a bit of the real side of this person.Take a look..
1) Jobs was biologically half arab as his father was syrian and mother was American.
2) Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve wozniak met in high school. Woznaik was 18 and jobs was 13.
3) He was an official college dropout but he continued his classes by auditing classes.
4) He had spent seven months travelling all over India experimenting with phychedelic drugs and decided to adopt zen Buddhism.
5) The movie Anywhere But Here is based on a book written by Jobs's sister, Mona Simpson. The movie is dedicated to Jobs.
6) It’s a record that he holds almost 346 patents as a primary inventor or co inventor.
7) Sunday October 16 was declared as “Steve job’s day” by the governor of callifornia.
Hats off to you for your global contribution!
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