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There are many temples in the world where people offer many things as a ritual of prayer. From gold coins to animal sacrifices and to human hair to nails, there are many such things we rarely know about.
But in Cooch Behar, West Bengal, India a temple demands own blood of any human who comes here for prayer.
Borodevi Mandir is following its 500 years old ritual of devoting human blood to make a prayer successful. And for shocking people still, believe in this ritual. During Durga Puja, Ashtami’s midnight people perform this ritual.
Earlier this ritual used to start with human slaughter and now it ends with 3 drops of human blood. Amiya Deb Bakshi, who is the present Duar Bakshi said, “it was not easy for the king to change the centuries-old tradition of human slaughter, which was being followed for a long time.”
This is not the only reason which makes this temple unique. Every year before starting the pooja three drops of blood devoted to the rice-grain made idol and after finishing the rituals of pooja the head of the idol is severed in one stroke.
If tourists visit this place during the pooja ceremony and start praying then they also have to follow this tradition.
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