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India has a wide variety of forest range which includes the tropical rain forest, sub-tropical hill forest, dry tropical deciduous and more. Moreover our country has so much nature filled lush to bestow with almost 29 states in it. Well here, we will mention some of the forests that are not only dense but they have an incredible beauty hidden with its flora and fauna.
1) Nicobar Island Rain Forest
These are tropical rainforest located on the edge of “Andaman and Nicobar” island. This semi evergreen rain forest allows you to feel the fresh breeze amidst the green.
2) Arunachal Forest
This is another famous forest in the range which has almost 61% of forest land filled with trees, shrubs etc. It has ecological diversity, bamboo forests and grasslands which add on a depth of curiosity. Location is Arunachal Pradesh.
3) Periyar Wild life Sanctuary
It is one of the best forests for the “wildlife photography” lovers. It is situated in the state of Kerala which is itself known as “Gods own country”. Here people can take a close up of the animals like elephants, tigers and more.Do take a tour over this place!
4) Jog Fall Environs
It is located in Karnataka which is not only famous for its picturesque scenery but it bestows one of the largest waterfalls as well which looks spectacular in the monsoon season.
5) Gir Forests
This forest includes a lot of greenery and is popular with its surviving Asiatic lions.On the other side near the ‘Kamleshwar Dam’ you will find bunch of jackals surrounding the area. Location is Gujarat. A must visit!
6) North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests
It is a tropical moist broadleaf forest located in the Western Ghats of the south western India. It is surrounded by the ‘Malabar Coast forest’ and the ‘Arabian sea’, an outstanding view.Do have a stay at this beauty!
Forest can be dense and dark but at the same time it has a stunning scenery hidden which needs to be digged out.. So do have a stop at these amazing forest locations and share your views in the comment box.
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