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A relationship is not just a word but an emotion based on values and understanding of each other. It carries several good sides but some harsh acceptances are also hidden which comes out with time. Well live in relationship also has that soul and sentiment with two people attached into it. A girl and a guy staying together unmarried with some liberal thoughts and mutual concern is not everything. There are certain things that are covered with it. Let’s see some of the things that a ‘Live In’ holds in real.
1) A live in relationship is not just about having an intercourse everyday. All the love birds who are living under one shelter have various other things to cop up as well.
2) A live in relationship got a clean chit by the Supreme Court with a condition that the couple would be considered as “married “after few years which made the couples think for their individual concern.
3) A couple living together have loads of things to learn be it the financial understanding or sharing stuffs
4) Every mature decision comes from within for future well-being.
5) It’s not a walk in and walk out relationship, two souls have that attachment which remains eternal.
Grow old and live a life together is all what lovers’ breadth and think!
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