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One of my friends went for his first date with his dream girl last week and after returning from the date he shared his weird experience with me. I know I used the weird word but there are reasons behind it.
At first, he went to a 5-star restaurant where he booked a table for the girl whom he had a crush for last 2 years. He reached there almost half an hour before and called her to know how much time it will take for her to reach.
After getting busy tones for the next half an hour she finally received the call and told him she will reach the place within half an hour. It was fine for him as he already waited for 2 years.
But he was unaware that when a girl says only half-an-hour, that actually means two hours. Being a passionate lover he kept waiting for her.
Finally, she came wearing an off-shoulder dress. Yes, she was looking so beautiful and hot. He stared at her for some time and came back to reality when she said she is in hurry and can only stay for 15 minutes and started using her smartphone.
He felt awkward as he waited for her almost 3 hours and she didn’t say anything about that. Even she didn’t seem interested in him. But…I must say he is a nice guy as remembering his manners, he asked her to have some food. She took next 15 minutes to answer as she was busy taking selfies.
For a surprise, she ordered 5 dishes from the menu when he was just thinking that how could she can eat all of these foods. No, he didn’t ask her about it. Actually, he couldn’t as she went busy on a video call with her GFF and was explaining to her how the date is going.
After finishing her food, she finally remembered that she is on a date and started taking selfies with my friend. They didn’t talk too much about 3 hours of the date.
But before leaving she left her number and said she will be in contact on Facebook. Maybe that’s a good sign for my friend now.
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