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Within the thirty days of marriage, couples understand these things about each other. Just have a look at the below-mentioned points and see that whether you and your spouse also travel in the same boat?
1. Different choices:
When we start living together, it is easy for the couples to know each other more. Gradually within thirty days of marriage, they realise that they both have different choices and tastes. For example, you will see that your partner is a foodie and adventurous personality, whereas you are shopping and dancing freak. Another, you are a BJP supporter where as your partner is a Congress supporter. These differences are not only in such topics, but it can be about anything as every individual is different and so are their tastes and choices. I believe that with time you will be able to cope with these differences so don’t force things to change quickly just wait and go with the flow, try to accept your partner in the way they are.
2. Not your type:
May be your partner is not your kind. He might be different from what you have thought, imagined or expected them to be. Now it’s on you whether you want to continue with them or not. If you can cooperate with their likes and dislikes, then enjoy your journey with them, otherwise mind someone else who is your type.
3. Still attracted towards other people:
It would be difficult to accept that you have found someone who is a perfect match for you but on the other hand, you can’t close your eyes from the fact that still at times you are attracted towards other people.
4. The family is not so likeable:
It is the case with many as it is not easy for many of us to get adjusted to the family and be a favourite king or queen of all. It is not easy for you to accept them and for them to accept you. Also, they might not trust you completely but don’t worry, give some time to them, and you will get many opportunities to win over their hearts.
5. Their friends are your friends:
It is very common and fastest change which you will observe after your marriage that your friends are their friends and reciprocal. Earlier you might not be good at making friends and get comfortable with them, but the moment you guys get comfortable with each other, you enjoy the company of your friends also. This strengthens your relationship as you enjoy more and get to know each other better with your friend circles.
6. He or she might not be the one:
As soon as you get married, you might feel that he or she is not the one with whom you want to spend your entire life. Earlier they might look different as in caring and extra loving etc. but later you may realise that there, in reality, he/she is not the one whom you have dated earlier. It is true that artificial nature or anything can’t live long. It’s better to show what you are in real and live a life with your type of personality.
7. Just perfect:
You might not have expected several things from your partner, but after your marriage, you have realised that they are far better than you have imagined or planned. Just a perfect person with whom you wanted to be.
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