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Everyone is not lucky to be with their love. Some just can’t be together, and some are together but away due to distance. To maintain a long distance relationship is not so easy as there are a lot of obstacles and it's not easy for every couple to handle those problems. Loving someone who is far away from you can be a challenging task both physically and emotionally, but it’s not impossible. Be careful while committing a person who is far away from you. If you are committing, then don’t worry I will suggest you some fantastic tips to spice your long distance relationship.
1. Send gifts to each other: -
Everyone love surprises and that too when it is planned by someone you love and are far away from you. So surprise your partner by sending gifts for him or her. For example: if you guys are living in different states, you order his/her favorite food for dinner and send with a love message. Doing these small things will strengthen your relationship and will keep your partner connected to you.
2. Make sure everyday communication:
Communication is the key to any relationship. Make sure that you and your partner communicate with each other daily. Sharing daily details will make your relation strong and exciting. In the present world, we have so many amazing ways to communicate; you can do video calls through various apps like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. Whether you are in the same state or not, you should keep daily communication.
3. Send Love Letters: -
Reading this point, you will call me an old person but trust me love letters are more effective than our long text messages. I believe the words you will pen down with your hands will have long lasting impact on your lover’s heart and after some years when you will read those letters, you and your lover, both will have a smile on your faces. Your unique combination of words and feelings can bring tears to your lover's eye and will create a special place for you in his heart.
4. Surprise visit: -
Surprise visit is the best option if you have a healthy relationship with your partner otherwise your surprise will spoil. You can involve his few close friends and catch his reaction with them. I'm sure your partner's reaction will be priceless.
5. Color your love life: -
Color here doesn’t mean you have to color your love life with paint and brush. A love expert says that the human brains is the biggest sex organ. So do some dirty talks and take benefit of your distance by stimulating each other mentally as this keeps your relationship exciting.
6. Keep trust: -
Trust is the base of any relationship, and long distance relationship can only survive by faith. So have full faith on your partner and give each other space as well. Never doubt your partner as it can spoil your bond and if he or she is saying something then trust them.
7. No secrets:
It is well stated that Honesty is the best policy so make sure you don’t keep any secrets with your lover. It is important to be an open book in front of your partner especially when both of you are from different cities.
A Closing Thought:Distance does not matter when there is love, trust and understanding between 2 couples. If you are facing the distance problems in your relationship, then these points would definitely help you in running a smoother relationship. Spice up the bond between you two with these tips.
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