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What if one day you’ll find that a guy is shifted to your next door and just looks like a guy you have dreamed for…tall, handsome with a charming smile in his face? I know that you’ll stop your search for a perfect guy and all your attention will stick to your new neighbour.
I know that you want to talk with him, go out with him and much more thought which I can’t explain here. But it’s not easy to start a conversation and build a rapport with a new guy. Try these tips to for the starting stage.
1. Never Start The Conversation First
Don’t be so desperate and start a conversation with him. It seems that you are too much interested in him. And a guy doesn’t like a girl who talks too much.
2. Catch His Eyes
It’s a flirty method, catch his eyes and you can also stare at him for some time but for a short time. It makes him curious about you and we all know that men like to solve their curiosity.
3. Never Talk Too Much
If you have already started talking and also went for hangouts with him then you should notice that how he reacts when you’re talking. Is he is showing some interest or not. Try to be natural but don’t be a girl who talks rubbish. What you’ll feel if you’re hanging out with a guy who is too dumb and too talkative. You’ll feel bored after some time.
4. If He Asks For Outing…Don’t Accept At The First Time
It will be hard for you but if you want to be his girl then you have to refuse his date invitations few times at the starting stage. Guys never run for an easy girl who is always available.
And remember never run for his one glimpse, it can make him feel awkward about you!
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