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Decoding that male mind isn't so difficult after all. Mens' wants are actually quite simple, but the problem is they never say those aloud or even hint at them. So, here are four ways which will benefit any relationship instantly.
1. Tell Him That You Love Him
Yes, you may have done it many times, but these are really the magic words whose charm never ends. So, letting him know that you really have fallen for him will make him feel great and he will reciprocate. But mind it girls, don't overdo it by repeating how much you love him every single day, otherwise you'll start irritating him and the results will turn out to be undesirable. Just a simple "I love you" everytime you meet and part will do the work.
2. Praise Him
Now, who doesn't love praises? And the good things is - boys/men love it more than anybody else. They like to have their strengths known to the public. So, here is your chance. Praise him at every small opportunity you get and boost his self-confidence and importance and see the difference. Next time he opens a tightly shut jam bottle for you, just reply with a cliched "My hero" (Weird? yes, but it works).
3. Stay Away From All the "Ex" Conversations
It is definitely difficult, but not bringing up anything about his ex-girlfriends when you both are having a nice conversation is one of the best ways to maintain a good relationship. Even if she meets both of at the mall when you are hanging out, just prevent yourself from commenting anything about her and try to act cool. Your boyfriend will feel trusted and will start respecting and loving you more, even if he won't show it right then.
4. Take the Initiative in the Bedroom
You might have done it before, or you might be nervous to do it. But if you take the lead in the bedroom with your private moments, he will like it (even if he doesn't say that directly) and will show his love. You needn't do it everytime you get together, but only on a few days will do, and let him take the lead at rest other times.
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