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Body language basically defines how a person signifies himself in different situations. A positive body gesture shows from the indications and movement which certainly adds on to the behavior that flows out. So it is must to have a little concentration of how your way of body reaction is. Well to be more specific here are few of the body language definitions which will make it clearer of how you are actually presenting yourself in front of others.
1) Brisk or erect stand or walk defines ‘Confidence’
2) Standing with hands on hips means ‘Eagerness or Anger’
3) Sitting with legs crossed or foot kicking slightly means ‘Boredom’
4) Sitting with legs separately means ‘Relaxed or Open’
5) Walking with hands in pocket or shoulders hunched means ‘Dejection’
6) Hand on cheek means ‘Evaluation or Thinking’
7) Rubbing the eye means ‘Doubt or Disbelief’
8) Rubbing hands means ‘Anticipation’
9) Biting Nails means ‘Insecurity or Nervousness’
10) Quickly tilted head means ‘Interest’
So from now whenever you put yourself in front of others, keep these points in mind to show your best conduct.
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