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Jeep is an American automobile division that has been processed in India as well long back. Jeeps have many types but it is mostly known for its sports utility vehicles, mountain climbers and off road vehicles. Bantam BRC and Willys MB are the companies which dealt in manufacturing the motor vehicle very before. Now let’s see some of the jeeps that have made its mark since its launch.
1) Jeep Wrangler
This is basically a mid-size four wheeler drive which was manufactured by American automaker ‘Chrysler’. It has a very sleek look among the other jeeps.
2) Jeep Cherokee
This SJ series automobile was built up in 1974 which somewhat looks like the ‘Wagoneer’ designed by Brook Stevens.
3) Jeep CJ
This is a replica of the ‘Willys Military Jeep of World War two’. It has seven variants in the same which excelled as the same.
4) Jeep Forward Control
It is assembled beautifully with a tough design and quality space. Take a look!
5) Jeep Hurricane
This is a total mountaineering jeep, its body has been constructed in a very different way in which, and one side is fabricated with light weight structural carbon fibre. Its skid plate is an aluminum spine. The best and freaky part is that it does not have any side door or roof.
On a whole these ‘Jeeps’ are a total jewel of pieces!
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