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Sex is a crucial turning point in a couple’s life. Because of not asking questions and assuming the other person’s opinions and complicating something which is so simple. You don’t have to worry about making the other person awkward. It is important before taking that big step in your life. It saves a lot of fights which come later. If you have an intimate mental bond, these questions would feel like any other question, for example, which ice cream do you like?
Here are 6 questions you need to ask your partner before sex
#1 Do you want to have sex?
This is the foremost and the most important question to ask. Being a woman, we assume that men are always ready to have sex. But that isn’t true for all men. Some do want to wait a little longer. Don’t take it upon yourself thinking that he isn’t close to you or he isn’t comfortable with you. Just let him a little loose and make sure he knows that you are ready for it.
#2 Have you carried a condom?
Now you definitely do want an unwanted pregnancy or a baby at such a young age. Sex is more than just a process of procreation. It brings the two of you so much closer. By getting pregnant you definitely don’t want to be in a position where you have to give up your career for your child, leave education and have money issues for your entire life. If he doesn’t have a condom at the moment, rush to the nearest drug store at right that moment.
#3 Have been tested for STDs?
This is probably the most awkward question ever. But it is important to know. Even though the two of you are going strong right now, you never know what your partner’s past may have been like. Also, be prepared for your partner asking the same.
#4 Is there anything that makes you uncomfortable during sex?
Some people like to have sex in the dark and switching on the light might put them off balance. For some, talking too much while having sex is not comfortable. For some, doing the missionary position would be it. Not everyone is born adventurous. Find a middle ground.
#5 How serious are you with me?
Is it just friends with benefits, no strings attached thing or if he is really serious about you. This is one of the most important questions to be asked and you shouldn’t proceed without asking this question. Here, you need to ask yourself too, that are you ready for that kind of relationship.
#6 Do you have any allergies?
While you are making out, you don’t want any disturbance. It is too annoying. So it is better you take into consideration all types of allergies.
Don’t stress yourself about these questions. If you have an understanding partner, he will be more than happy to clear your doubts. So put your inhibitions away and enjoy those amazing make out sessions.
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