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Indian Folk Music has that diversified traditional element which represents the beauty of the classical music expressions and thoughts. On the other hand there are dance oriented semi folk songs as well which again has that fresh ingenious effect which adds on a storyline to the songs sung by the artists. Take a look over the songs sung in the different regions of ‘India’ to know more.
1) Baul, Batiyali
Baul and batiyali is an old music folk form in Bengal which took its birth in the 18,19 and early 20 the century. Baul artists have their historic instruments named as Khamak, ektara and dotara whereas batiyali is a music that has been cultured mainly by the oarsmen & fishermen in the outskirts of Bengal.
2) Bhavageete
This music form is sung in the form of poetry and light music. It is quite popular in ‘Karnataka’ subjects defined in this music is related to love, nature and philosophy.
3) Bihugeet
Bihu is a festival in the state of ‘Assam’ which has a cultural touch of the same. The best thing is that the festival is celebrated thrice a year in which people of the state dance and sings in their own way which is a bliss to watch.
4) Pandavani
This is a theatre form of singing performed in ‘Chhattisgarh and in the neighboring tribal areas ‘Orissa and Andhra Pradesh’.
5) NaatupuraPaatu
This is a Tamil folk music performed in the state which consist of ‘Gramathisai’.
6) Chakri and Ladishah
An important traditional music of Jammu and Kashmir which is sung with the instruments like ‘Harmonium’,’Rubai’ and ‘Sarangi’.
Folk music still enhances the beauty of a lyrical stanza which can never diminish in the current time!
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