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There are love stories which are so sugar coated that they do not appeal to our profound senses. But life is not full of roses all the time, it has thorns as well. There are movies with love stories but does not have a happy ending. The typical boy meets the girl, have a breakup and then reconcile, these movies puts me off.In these films, you will find the love story with engaging characters and a sense of empathy towards these characters. Here is the list of movies which shows the reality of the situation that love stories don’t always have happy ending:
• The Fault in Our Stars:
This film is based on the backdrop of a dreadful disease called cancer among two beautiful and young stars. It beautifully showcases the courage, tenderness, sadness and also the fun element of young adults. You will shed one or two tears, dealing with their tragedies.
• Celeste and Jesse Forever:
This rom-com will touch your heart, you will feel empathy towards the characters. Celeste has a high paying job, and Jesse is a bit immature in his approach and is living in Celeste’s garage. The situation comes where they drift apart and at that time they realize the worth of each other. At least, they do acknowledge that their togetherness was the best days of their life. But still, they are not meant to be with each other. Their farewell will make you emotional.
• Me Before You:
This movie is about a love triangle of two characters with death. The lead is caretaker and patient a quadriplegic. Both are cheese and chalk yet the sensitiveness, and sharp banter among leads are palpable.
• Blue Jay:
Blue Jay gives a classic feel because it is a black and white film. The story is compelling heart touching. The two school sweethearts bump on each other after many years; they still have feelings for each other. But their heart-wrenching experience doesn’t allow them to be together.
• The Umbrellas of Cherbourg:
This movie is musical and based on the backdrop of war, it’s a story about bad circumstances and how you gel and accept your fate. In this story, the boy and the girl are in love with each other; they even dreamed and thought the names of their baby. But things changed when the war started. When the girl came to know that she is pregnant, the boy had already left for war. And there was no news of him, so she thought that he died fighting.During, that time she meets another boy who instantly falls for her in spite of her being pregnant. After years, her first love comes back and finds that the girl is married. So he marries another person, and when he comes to know about her daughter, there is no reaction on his face. The story is quite sad and painful.
• Blue Valentine:
This movie is all about loving your family and commitment. The relationship between the lead characters is pretty healthy. But after many years of rigmarole in their day to day life, they do not pass the test of time. And watching them breakup, breaks our heart too.
• P.S. I Love You:
P.S. I Love You is a story of a husband leaving letters for her wife when he dies of brain cancer. In those letters, he urges and compels her wife to live her life to its fullest. This movie will touch your chord.
• Atonement:
This sad movie will linger in your mind for a long time. This is the most tragic story I have come across. Their life was is torn apart after the girl makes the biggest mistake of her life.
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