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To scare your friends is one of the best things and many people dream of doing this. Friends are the best part of our life and every moment spent with them is always a memorable one. If you want to create more memories and fun, then I have something interesting to tell you. Be a ghost and scare your friends.
1. Go for an outing with a large group and disappear:
Going in a large group will make it easy for you to disappear and will give you the best repercussion of your prank. Try to use this trick in a dark area, hide behind a tree or bushes. If in case you can’t find time to slip away, then you can tell your friends that you need to pee or can say that you have forgotten your phone in the camp. Tell them to move forward, and you will catch them soon. Wait till they feel your absence and wear a scary mask. I believe that after sometime you will have great fun watching your friends scared and terrified.
2. Monstrous sounds:
You can do this prank at your home or in camps as it only needs a spooky setting, scary voice and a small monitor set. But make sure that this does not harm them much. Choose the correct place as in where it would be extremely frightening to hear ghostly voices. Just imagine yourself if you are in such a situation, what kind of place would terrify you and apply it. Simple! Isn’t it?
3. Scary stories:
I'm sure that scary stories have scared you in your childhood and left you with thrilling and frightening experience. You can tell a story by changing the details and set according to your location. This would definitely make them scared. The best time to tell scary stories is late in night as it would create the perfect environment and you can act a bit frightened and nervous before telling them the story.
4. Writing is the best option and that on the bathroom mirror:
By leaving a creepy and scary message on the bathroom mirror which is only visible when the person showers, you can scare the hell out of your friend. It is very easy and requires a few things like a cup of water, liquid dishwashing detergent and cotton swabs. To write a message take few drops of dishwashing in a cup of water and dip a cotton swab into the solution. Before writing on the mirror makes sure that the solution is not soapy as this will let the person know that somebody is trying to prank with them. Also write a short and creative message, for example, watching you, you’re the next, help me, etc.
5. Talk to yourself:
If you have watched horror movies you must have noticed one scene prevalent in all the movies, i.e., the person is sitting idle and talking to self. Prefer to sit on a wooden armchair as and take care of your body language as it influences more than your words or actions. Before acting, practice what you are going to do and don’t practice in front of anyone until and unless they are part of your prank. And the most important thing – Don’t laugh! Laughing occurs automatically in such situations. Your prank may get revealed before you want it to. You might start laughing while acting.
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