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YouTube is one of the largest video streaming search engines with endless channels. It has crossed almost 3 billion searches over a small span of time. People are totally into it due to not only its popularity but its updation in various contents in the form of video. Let’s see some of the YouTube entertainment channels that have kept us beautifully occupied by providing fresh stories.
1) TVF ( The Viral Fever)
This entertainment channel has its individual value with some of the extremely fresh ideas portrayed in the form of web series for example: TVF Fathers, TVFQtiyapa, TVF Trippling, TVF Pitchers, TVF Permanent roommates and more.
2) BB Ki Vines
This channel is headed by the very renowned YouTube sensation “Bhuvan Bam”. He is an ace in playing different characters single handedly. Every character has its individual humour element that makes the videos so entertaining and fun filled.
3) Pretentious Movie Reviews
This channel has been framed by two wit filled persons “Kanan gill” and “BiswaKalyanRath” who are famous for their other shows in the same genre. This page gives old movie reviews in the funniest way.Check it out!
4) Zakir Khan
He has become one of the famous standup comedians on YouTube with his genuine videos based on the day to day situations an individual faces.His videos are actually amazing!
5) Being Indian
This channel has various video lines that are about “India and its people” as the name suggests.
So on which channel are you keeping your eye every day? Mention in the comment box.
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