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Hollywood movies had given us some of the best raunchy movies with the perfect essence of sensuality portrayed in the slinkiest way. Well if you are too much into the porn world, these movies will cut that crap and hold your compellation towards a level of crazy intimacy. Take a look over the list to get that feel.
1) Lie With Me
This movie took its step in 2005 and made us jaw drop with such a sultry picturisation. The deep chemistry shown was totally to the mark and is a must watch.
2) Killing Me Softly
This movie is about a love triangle which had released in the year 2002. A dam sexy movie you should watch out.
3) Fifty Shades Of Grey
A movie based on the love story of a guy named Cristian Grey and a lady named Anastasia Steele with a touch of ‘BDSM’ that explains (Bondage, discipline, Sadism and Masochism. Watch the movie to know more.
4) Intimacy
It came into light in the year 2001. Its a story about a failed London musician meets different girls for different sexual encounters to keep himself away from the reality of life but forgets what he is actually up to.Seduction to next level!
5) Unfaithful
Covered with ravishing screenplay this movie will give you an intense out!
Feeling a bit laid!
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