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A Labrador retriever, also popularly known as ‘Labrador’. It is one of the most trusted dog breeds present in India and outside. Moreover this dog is very smart and has extraordinary sense of body language. The normal weight of a male labra is 65-80 lb (29-36 Kg) whereas a female labra weighs 55-70 lb( 25- 32 Kg). Let’s take a sneak peak over the other vital facts about this dog breed.
1) Labradors are relatively a large breed with huge body and fury coat.
2) The labs were previously known as the St. John’s water dog.
3) Labradors are a social breed with an extreme friendly nature for not only his master but the other surrounding people as well.
4) It is said that Labs ancestors were considered as a ‘working breed’ which can be seen in the pets of how much spontaneous and understanding they are.
5) They are also known as an incredible search and rescue dogs by the army and policeman.
6) A great swimmer with excellent diving qualities they have in them.
7) Can help in “Bomb Disposal” with outstanding brains.
I am truly overwhelmed by this champion creature! What about you?
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