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Every body is prone to some or the other weakness but it doesn’t mean there is some serious problem with that fault.But hormonal imbalance is surely a thing to worry that includes certain ailments which slowly puts your body in few of the deficiencies.It normally occurs while puberty, mensturation, menopause etc that effects your body due to imperfect lifestyle and food habits. So here we have jotted down some of the signs of the same.Take a look at these points and keep it in your mind!
1) Fatigue
It is a very common symptom seen in the youngsters which makes your body very weak and restless.So if you are having an excess of it go and have some medicine.
2) Weight gain
If you are having too much of weight put on over the wrong areas of your body,it can affect your health making it obese and exposed to fat storage so control your everyday eating cycle.
3) Insomnia
Sleeping at late night or in the morning due to this syndrome can actually eat up your body and make your body prone to dizziness, headache and more that is not at all normal for the routine.
4) Food craving
Having a weakness and urge for having loads of eatables can cause increase in a hormone named as ghrelin. Your appetite takes a toll over you and decreases the metabolism simultaneously.
5) Sex drive decreases
Yes you heard it right, this happens and has been seen some of the people who have a hormonal imbalance.You may not feel having an orgasm or any kind of making out with your partner.It happens due to lack of libido or ill thyroid gland, testosterone hormone.
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