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Getting an ear piece for yourself with good quality sound and stability is very important. But the most vital point in this would be its impedance, frequency and sensitivity level which can damage your ears as well. So here is a write up that specifies the types of earpieces we use in our daily with its uses.
1) Circumaural
This type has circular or ellipsoid ear pads that cover your entire air. Its frequency or amplitude gives proper sound. Moreover it weighs 500 grams.Take a look!
2) Supra-Aural
It was invented in the early 1980’s for personalized stereos. These headphones create less noise hence giving less offsetting.
3) Earphones
These small fitted ear pieces don’t have any acoustic isolation which allows the entire music seep in your ear. So it is recommended to listen music in a bit low sound with it, which helps in less damage.
4) Headset
This ear gadget has a combination of headphone and a microphone. It is mostly used with studio intercom systems, console or PC gaming.
5) In ear earphones
These earphones are best if you want a whole sole music with custom fitting ear canal plugs.
So what’s your choice of owning an ear piece? Mention in the comment box
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