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7th of February is considered as the beginning of the “valentine week” which is also celebrated as ‘The Rose Day’ by the lovers all over the world. A rose is basically a flower that has its individual exquisiteness and gorgeousness moreover this blooming substance has its aura with the hidden definition behind it. Different rose colors depict an emotion attached to it. So let’s see what connotation it leaves behind in our hearts in accordance to the rose day which is today.
1) A White Rose
This rose denotes ‘Peace and harmony’. So if a boy gives this to his partner or friend, it shows the divinity and respect for the individual.
2) A Red Rose
This rose defines “eternal love”. It is given to the person whom we love the most with our entire heart and soul.BAE!
3) A Yellow Rose
Yellow colour outlines “true friendship”. A friend can show his faith filled friendship with this small memento.
4) A Pink Rose
Pink color depicts gentle emotions like gratitude, appreciation and more. This rose is very commonly found.
5) A Black Rose
Black is color of death..don’t take it either!. It basically defines a dead feeling, sorrow, sadness and more.
6) A Blue Rose
A secret admirer can express his passion and love interest for his crush or would be date with this beautiful rose.
So what Rose did you select for your partner this valentines? Mention them below…
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