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Rings have different colours, designs and cuts but people are unaware of its names and types. Every ring has its own meaning and explanation in its own way. So here are some of the rings that will take you to a different turn and aspect individually. Check it out!
1) The Eternity Ring
This is one of the most exceptional yet simple rings with a band and beads; it symbolizes everlasting love and passion.
2) The Puzzle Ring
It’s a renowned trinity ring which is believed to be a lot as a Turkish wedding ring. It has six, eight or twelve rings one on the other. The legend says that it is given to the fresh newlywed couples so that they make peace among each other.
3) Cocktail Ring
This ring has cluster of stones at the centre which is normally worn in the parties and occasions.
4) Rosary Ring
A rosary is mainly worn by the Catholics but it exists for everyone as it has ten beads with knot and a cross or a medal hanging at the front. It is considered as a holy spiritual material for the Christian’s or Catholics.
5) Engagement Ring
This kind has a solitaire or a plain crown shape stone. If a person is wearing such ring he/she is considered as engaged.
6) Birthstone Ring
As the name suggests, this ring has stones according to a person’s birth date which is said to bring good in his/her life.
7) Mourning Ring
This ring is worn in memory of someone who has passed away. It normally has the name or death date of the person engraved.
What ring you own or you want to…mention in the comment box..
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