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Tattoos! Are not only style statements but something way more than that. Be it printing a cute feather or a meaningful quote everything comes from within. After all tattoos are to be taken to the grave so it should have some significance in your life, isn’t it! So let’s see some of the tattoos and its importance.
1) Phoenix (Rebirth)
This tattoo symbol signifies goodwill in accordance to rebirth, growth, life, longevity and more.
2) Hydra (Boldness or fierceness)
If a person wants to show his/her over the top attitude..this tattoo is perfect in that case.
3) Mors (Personification of Death)
This term has been derived from the Greek mythology which is somewhat connected to Mars. It also defines immortal strength.
Angel (Good against evil)
An angel depicts “messenger of god” who guides us in our every tough or good situation. It is very lucky for a person who gets it.
5) Bird/Dove (Live free)
A bird defines freedom or free spirit whereas a dove represents peace and hope.
Now whenever you get inked...take a check over its meaning for sure and don’t forget to mention your experience of getting a new tattoo...
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