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Specs or glasses are something which you wear when you have partially lost your vision. It protects your eyes from unwanted rays, dust and helps in bringing the vision back. But, at times it becomes hell problematic making the person annoyed and buzzed off. If you agree.. read this article!
1) Keeping the specs on the shelf before bath and ending up searching it on the same blindly.
2) Sitting on the specs without knowing its after affects.
3) People calling you tubelight, button etc. makes you pissed to the core.
4) You are unable to wear stylish gogs.
5) Clubbing gets worse when you dance on your favorite number and your specs fall on the ground..
6) Wearing lens is the only option if you really want to show your beautiful eyes.
These were some of the drastic situations. I had to face wearing my regular specs.. what are yours?
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