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A chewing gum is not just a thing to chew on but a lot more than that. Chewing gum is made of substance known as chicle which is extracted from the sapodilla tree. Moreover it has sweetners, flavors and more. Read the write up to know some of the interesting facts about this gum based thing.
1) Protects Teeth
It is proven that if we chew a gum for 20 mins,it reduces chances of having cavity, plaque and gingivitis.What an amazing thing!
2) Eliminates Acidity and Heartburn
Chewing a gum certainly increases swallowing with an adequate amount of saliva which is very helpful in curing an acute acidity.
3) Fights Nausea
Ever heard of herbal gums? Yes these help a lot in curbing dizziness and nausea.Now that’s effective!
4) Increases Metabolism
A chewing gum boosts your immunity as it increases the blood circulation giving your body a nice healthy tone.
5) Makes your bad breadth vanish
A chewing gum consists of flavors with some aroma in it which surely freshens up your mouth.No mouth spray required..isn’t that great?
A gum can actually do wonders..
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