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In our daily life, we struggle with various situations and circumstances. Some are happy and some are decorated with happiness in a certain way. Few are special in this case as well and this leads various mixed memories in our mind. Let’s see some of the extraordinary and ordinary people who contributed into this.
1) The overspoken
This person has least listening skills which leads to certain annoying variations in our life, what say!.
2) The funny bone
She/he will make you laugh till you don’t roll on the floor or your stomach hurts doing an lol.
3) The Introvert
Sharing less and engulping talks more, maybe in a happy way or sad you will not get even a clue..
4) The BFF
Friendship means something that is eternal and love laid. This person will never leave you alone because “In your happy time everyone is there for you but in your depressed and vain nobody peeps”.
5) The back biter
Commonly found but is hidden which will be an utter shock for the other person.Things can get worse if you blabber a lot to this individual.
List is endless as life can never give you lemons instead it gives you lessons to learn!
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