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India is one of the countries in the world with diversified cultures and traditions but somehow travelling on the streets of capital city is troublesome because of worse traffic regulations. The situation is similar in the neigbouring streets of Noida as well. Other states also have not been able to improve the traffic regulations, often leading to serious accidents. Here are some of the reasons about the poor traffic regulations:-
1) No traffic police on rescue
There are several road incidents taking place because of poor traffic regulations because there is no traffic police presence, which has become a serious cause of concern as there is no one to instruct people while a traffic signal breakdown.
2) Drunken driving
Every now and then there are cases of a rash driver killing an innocent due to an excessive amount of alcohol found in his body.Why so?
3) Reckless driving
This is something which people of India are habitual of. “An unknown bike or car coming from nowhere and scaring the shit out of you ” but this should stop!
4) Pedestrian crossing
Pedestrians must be taken as god by the drivers and riders, instead there is no mercy shown.
5) Ambulance
It is said that whenever an ambulance is seen on the road, it should be given a clear way with respect but due to the overloaded is stuck and the ailed patient suffers.Isn’t it weird!
People of the change in changing such shoddier traffic situations..I know this can happen!!
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