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If you’re a woman who is holding a good position in your company and earning a 6 figure salary which is enough for your lavish lifestyle then you would like to choose a guy who will dominate you and want to control you in every situation? If you’re smart enough then the answer will be a big no.
But this is not the only reason that makes every successful woman stay alone. There are certain things which make them believe that it’s better to live alone.
1. You Need A Guy Who Is Successful
Being a financially successful woman you don’t prefer to marry a guy who is in his struggling period and can’t commit you a good lifestyle.
2. You Like To Be Independent
From your own struggling period to your present position, you handled everything alone which made you independent and strong. And now you don’t want to depend on anyone.
3. You Don’t Want To Be Dominated
You heard the stories of your GFF who are married and dominated for each and every reason by their partners. Although they are also holding a good post in their organisation, they are helpless in their own house. And that’s the reason you don’t want to take the extra burden.
4. You Love Your Singlehood
You love your singlehood more than anything. It’s not like that you don’t like anyone’s company but you can’t tolerate that somebody is interfering in your privacy.
5. The Thought Of Family Tensions Gives You Goose Bumps.
The stories about mother-in-law and daughter- in-law fights, mental tortures, emotional blackmailing ….and all family issues always makes you believe that being single is the best option and you’re going great.
6. You’re A Travel Person
Being a sole traveller you know that when you’ll tie the knot then you’ve to make your travel plans according to your partner or even according to your new family. It could be possible that you’ve to forget that you loved to travel.
Live your life in your way!
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